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Writers Who’s Guide to Writing a Great Strategic Review

A strategic review is so much more than words on a piece of paper. It’s an activity where senior leaders in a business come together to determine the direction of the company in the future. Some businesses will do this annually, while others will do it more sporadically. Executed correctly, it can realign a business with its goals and pave the way to ultimate success.

Strategic review writing inspiration

Writers Who have crafted many strategic reviews for our clients. We produced a strategic review for the Rural Ambassador Award on behalf of Agriculture Shows Australia. We also helped research market and demographic trends in Double Bay for developer Fortis. Our experts contributed to the Wool 2030 strategic plan which consulted more than 800 woolgrowers.

What’s included in a Strategic review?

Every strategic review will be different depending on the business and the demands of their industry and organisation. Items that a strategic review document could include;

  • Contents page;
  • Foreword or executive summary; 
  • Background on the business;  
  • Details on how the plan was developed;
  • Challenges the business faces; 
  • Financial details; 
  • Recommendations; 
  • Implementation strategies; 
  • Glossary of terms;  
  • About the author of the strategic review

Tips for planning a strategic review

A strategic review is a well-researched document that will share in-depth information about a business and where it’s going. Make sure to set aside a considerable amount of time to compile your research.

  • Reach out to senior leaders of the business to determine the key outcomes of the strategic review process. These key stakeholders must be committed to the process;  
  • Start by compiling the important details that you need to include in the document. Contact key people in the organisation who hold important facts and figures that you need to include; 
  • Reach out to experts in the business who can offer commentary or insights for your strategic review;
  • Understand the key message for the strategic review. Where is the business headed?; 
  • Appoint one or two editors to be accountable to review your work ahead of publication.

Tips for writing an executive summary for a strategic review

Ever heard of the abbreviation TLDR? It stands for too long, didn’t read. This is exactly what the executive summary will cover. Don’t be afraid to simply use bullet points to outline the top level findings and outcomes of the strategic review. You’ll go into more detail later.

Tips for writing background for a strategic review

This section outlines where the business is currently at. This will address the foundations including core values, a mission statement, as well as analysis on the wider industry and identity who the business’s main competitors are.

Tips for writing about the recommendations for a strategic review

This is the section where we’ll expand on where the business is going into the future. Dreams and aspirations of the business will be determined in this section. How far off is the business from achieving these goals? This area of the plan will outline the path to success.

  • What needs to stay the same and what must change;
  • What’s the vision for the company

Tips for writing about the implementation strategies

What does the business need to do to reach its goals? Understanding this will help finalise this section. Write out specific and measurable goals, objectives and a plan on how this will be executed.

Tips for finalising your strategic review

Make sure to review your strategic review before submitting it.  Is the company you’re writing for happy with the details you’ve included and is what you’ve written accurate to the strategic review outcomes set by senior leaders? Are all the facts correct?

Once you’re finished, double-check for typos or errors by reading it over one more time. Often our eyes become blind to errors in our own work. Hearing the words out loud can help you to check that everything reads okay and makes sense. Paste your copy into a text to speech generator to hear how it really sounds.

Better yet, appoint an official editor or two to review the final copy before its publication.

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