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Great commercial writers are part storytellers and part detectives.

Writers Who uncover the essence of what makes your business special, and find creative ways to attract an audience. Writers Who ask the right questions, research broad perspectives, and find curious ways to deliver traditional concepts. Writers Who turn web visitors into clients, email recipients into devotees and expertise into thought-provoking, comment-instigating conversations.

Of course, you could write for your own business but is that your forte? Is it the best use of your time: ideating, researching, writing, editing and proofing? Repurposing content for a multitude of mediums to achieve maximum traction?

Are you both an expert in your subject-matter area and a creative? Do you have a solid grasp of social media communications practices and SEO? If so, kudos. If not, we’ve got you covered.

If you want your business to establish and maintain a competitive edge, this is where we come in. Together, we build your “tone of voice” and a “content matrix” to deliver commercial outcomes creatively and consistently, with high quality content.  

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I'm Lyndsey, a professional writer for over a decade. My early days were spent as a cadet journalist reporting solo for a weekly rural newspaper, ten years later I was filing dollar-sensitive ASX announcements for not one, not two but three listed entities. In between I’ve produced thousands of press releases, crafted hundreds of topical newsletters, ghostwritten for leading industry figures, composed launch speeches, compiled research reports, scripted video narratives, formulated website copy, written courses, drafted annual reports, and crafted case studies.

From complex concepts to simple advice; the process can involve interviewing, researching, editing or refreshing materials to produce effective and engaging expressions of your business.

I’ve ghost written for multinational CEOs, achieved press in every major media outlet in Australia, and delivered highly sensitive news to the right audiences tactfully

If you're struggling to find the discipline to get content delivered, or the quality of dialogue required to represent your business, engaging a writer or team of writers with a portfolio of proven prose might be the solution for you.

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