Professional MC

Clients engage our director to provide professional interviewing, hosting and emceeing for symposiums and conferences. If you're emceeing an upcoming function, here is twenty pieces of advice that will put you in good stead.

Writers Who's guide to emceeing events

  1. Prepare thoroughly by researching the conference, speakers, and attendees.
  2. Develop a clear understanding of the conference schedule and flow.
  3. Write a script that introduces each speaker and the topic of their presentation.
  4. Practice your script and delivery to ensure a smooth and confident emceeing style.
  5. Use a microphone and make sure it is properly adjusted and tested before the conference begins.
  6. Be punctual and start each session on time.
  7. Be professional and dress appropriately for the occasion.
  8. Engage the audience with warm and welcoming body language.
  9. Use a clear and engaging speaking voice, and speak at an appropriate pace.
  10. Be mindful of the time and ensure that each presentation stays on track and ends on time.
  11. Introduce each speaker with relevant and interesting information about them.
  12. Keep the audience engaged by asking questions, making jokes, and using other techniques to keep their attention.
  13. Be adaptable and able to think on your feet in case of any unexpected events or changes to the schedule.
  14. Use visual aids and networking games to keep the audience engaged.
  15. Be prepared to handle any technical difficulties that may arise.
  16. Provide a smooth transition between presentations and sessions.
  17. Maintain a positive and professional attitude throughout the conference.
  18. Be responsive to the audience's needs and feedback.
  19. Be gracious and thank the speakers and attendees for their participation.
  20. Follow up with the speakers and attendees after the conference to thank them for their involvement and to gather feedback on the event.

Writers Who acts as a professional MC for a range of organisations and events including Sydney Royal Easter Show, Melbourne Royal, Australian Wagyu Association, Paraway Pastoral, McGrath real estate, and Club Seven.

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